April 4, 2016

SHB2 Beta updated to v0.86

SHB2 Beta Update
Thanks everyone for beta testing Super Hyper Ball 2. Your feedback has been a big help with improving the game! If you are a beta-tester, you should have received the new build that includes a lot of fixes/improvements and new bosses!

if you are not yet a beta tester, but interested in trying the game, you can still sign up @ neonchimp.com/beta

Build v0.86 release notes:

This update fixes the crash that some people have been experiencing on the iPhone 6s/iPhone 6s+.

– Added another boss to the game.
– Added a title animation when the game is paused.
– Started recoloring the playfield to make the balls better visible.
– The flippers will now be “released” if you are only touching the paddle.
– The fireworks will now also show up if you have beaten your previous high score.​




Build v0.85 release notes:

– Added 2 new boss fights to the game!
– Defuse a bomb.
– Destroy a bunker.

– Slightly increased the flipper speed.
– Added a light glow to the balls while they are in the rails.
– The nuke trigger now spawns after you have cleared 90% of the blocks.
– Lowered the volume of the music.
– The ranks are now being refreshed when you load the game. (if the player is signed into Gamecenter)

– Fixed a bug where the playfield was not loading when you restarted the game.
– Fixed a bug where the game would crash when you would hit a block twice in a very short amount of time.
– Fixed a bug where the ball would get stuck during the platform switching animation.
– Fixed a bug where the ball would get stuck inside the flipper.
– Fixed a bug with the coin spawn animation.
– Fixed a bug where a boss would appear twice in boss mode.
– Fixed a bug where bullets were being destroyed too early.